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Arthur Lewis

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Kim Sanders is an eighteen-year-old student at Mandarin High School. She suffers from severe social anxiety, paranoia, and is considered by some to be psychotic. Or is she? Especially troubling is Kim’s obsessive infatuation with fellow classmate, Kyle Banker. She romanticizes constantly about their future together, despite her parents’, teachers’, and guidance counselor’s skepticism. She is certain the two of them are meant to be a couple and visualizes their wedding day. Kim faces not only the typical and often-difficult challenges of adolescence, but she also struggles as pertinent details of her past are brought to the surface. She does not cease in her quest to be with Kyle, stalking him at every turn. Though she sincerely believes they’ll have a happily ever after, will the complexity of Kim’s past prevent the two of them from fulfilling there destiny?

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Drama, Female Lead, Thought Provoking, Suspense, Young Adult, Fiction