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Fruit of the Tree

A Quest

Joseph Grossman

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Joe never thought of himself as anyone special. He’s a regular working-class piece of work picking up a few bucks by day and spending them all by the next morning, trying to stay one step ahead of the repo man and keep his head above water. Then, one day, while working for a multibillion-dollar multinational corporation in Iraq, he finds himself chosen to continue a mission that has remained secret for thousands of years. In an unlikely turn of events, Joe is removed from his mundane existence and sent to find a legendary object that has defined and directed humanity since the dawn of time. Each encounter comes with a choice: Which way is genius, and which is madness? Why was he chosen? And who can he trust? Joe seeks knowledge, but too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. Only time will reveal the consequences for the world if he is successful. In this novel, an innocent man is thrust into a race against time; a quest to find a mysterious object that has the power to change the world.



Tree of knowledge, quest, romance, Middle East, mystery, adventure, Bible