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Always Thaddeus

The Resurrection

R. L. Corn, Marcee Corn

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


World famous musician Andrew Morgan serves a prison sentence for killing his wife, Sandy – a crime he didn’t commit. His ex-wife Beth planted overwhelming evidence against him, so he feels literally and figuratively trapped in a hopeless situation. Reporter Jan Smith is compelled to help Andrew prove his innocence, but time is running out as every day in prison could be Andrew’s last.
Meanwhile, outside events will soon coalesce to affect Andrew’s life. Coast Guard Petty Officer Craig Hendershott rescues a Jane Doe from the raging sea, linking them forever. Handsome and powerful Spanish tycoon Ernesto Chavez finds Margaret Buchanon irresistible, and her appeal may entice this bachelor to finally tie the knot. The fine line between sanity and insanity will be tested as the two move rapidly toward matrimony.
Two of Ernesto’s employees, Maria Sarduchi and Tonya de Lugo, learn some of Beth Morgan’s secrets. They will either become good detectives—or dead ones. Ultimately, eight individuals come face to face in a powerful courtroom battle that rocks international shores. As the truth is revealed, will it be worth the price as Beth’s devastating wrath comes full circle?

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Vengeful, Murder, Revenge, Courtroom drama, Thriller, Murder mystery, Mystery, Justice, Suspense, Crime, Vengeance, romantic intrigue, Conspiracy, Proving innocence, Wrongly accused