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The Adventures of Achilles the Great

Why Does My Sister Get All of the Attention?

Ricardo A. Baca Mares JD

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Achilles is always hoping that his daddy will pay attention to him, but it seems like his sister, Athena, always gets all Daddy’s time.

When Daddy makes waffles on Saturday, Achilles is excited, but then he discovers that Athena has eaten the last one. Then he and Daddy go out to play catch in the yard—that is, until Athena screams for Daddy to come help her. On Sunday, it’s time for Achilles’s baseball game. He’s excited to show Daddy how much he has improved! But then Daddy has to take Athena to her dance recital at the same time, and he misses the entire game. Achilles is beginning to feel as if Daddy only loves his sister and not him at all. What can he do? Maybe there’s more going on than he knows.

In this children’s story, a little boy who is feeling left out when his father, a single parent, gives all his attention to his sister learns that his daddy really does love him.

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