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I Am Drama Queen


Vandana Singh

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Saira is all of ten. She is a pampered and lively girl. Her best of times are spent with her besties at school. She has an opinion on almost everything and does not think twice before saying it way too loud. And yes, she does get carried away at times and exaggerates things well beyond their limits. But she has a good side too; she can feel sorry too. Her least favorite subject is math, and she wades through its treacherous numerical waves heroically. Of course, often during this, she makes a fool of herself! But hey! Thats life. She walks along in her everyday life, being quizzical and humorous. Its a hilarious roller-coaster ride in which her mother seems to play the role of a hyperventilating person, an overworked woman when it comes to her kids. Her brother is younger than her and a real pain in the unmentionable (thats how she sees it). He is forever driving her up the wall, and his happiness at this drives her crazy. She has great bonding with her friends; its like a small sisterhood. They have their own cool way of talking. The girls share all their craziness and even their distaste for the girl Mehar. Maddening schemes, and crazy playdates make her life fun. Share it with her! And maybe youll find a little bit of someone you know reflecting in her.