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The Carpe Noctem Chronicles

Kissing the Dark

Danika Jayde

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Vixanna Cloviskins life changed forever the day her mother suddenly appeared at her classroom door covered in blood. Next thing she knew she was being taken into a world shed only dreamt of full of every metaphysical being imaginable all to save the life of her brother, and to keep an ancient pact for the existence of her family. Step by step she must collect vial after vial of blood so that she can be turned into something stronger than human and find an antidote for her brother by hunting down the creature responsible for nearly taking his life and putting him into a coma. But how can a young human girl, with no exceptional abilities, possibly gather the blood from a Korrigan in the jungle ruins let alone the Fey Queen Nicnivin herself, and that is just the beginning

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