A Shimmer of Red

Valerie Wilson Wesley

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The latest novel in a thrilling cozy mystery series featuring Odessa Jones—a sudden widow juggling a promising catering business, a full-time real estate gig—and a psychic gift that leads her to solve mysteries whenever they appear to her—which is often. From the award-winning creator of Newark private eye Tamara Hayle, will appeal to fans of cozy mysteries and multicultural fiction.

They say the past is never really dead. And Odessa Jones—reluctant psychic, aspiring caterer, and hard-working realtor—will find one young woman’s secret history putting her in the crosshairs of a dangerous obsession . . .

With pandemic-fearing city dwellers fleeing to the New Jersey suburbs, Risko Realty—and Odessa Jones—are having their best year ever. Finally on solid financial footing, Odessa is debt-free and looking forward to the future. But she doesn’t need second sight to sense her new young co-worker, Anna Lee, is on edge--and straight-up terrified--in spite of her hot sales record and sunny, outgoing attitude. And when Anna is killed in a hit-and-run, Odessa sees immediately that it was no accident . . .
It's soon clear that Anna was being stalked. But even with the help of family, friends—and Odessa’s feisty cat, Juniper—Odessa is coming up with more questions than clues. Why was Anna avoiding influential real-estate mogul Emily Delbarton? Why is Delbarton’s decidedly creepy brother so fixated on Anna? Did Anna make enemies through her previous job at the town’s exclusive gentlemen’s club? And can Odessa rule out her own ex-fiancé—who’s back in her life with an astounding connection to Anna—and wanting a second chance?  Finding the answers will come at an increasingly deadly cost—one Odessa’s talents must somehow trap a killer to repay . . .
Praise for A Glimmer of Death
“There's crispness in Wesley’s plotting and sparkle in the supporting characters.”
--Los Angeles Times
“Wesley perfectly captures her protagonist’s emotions, including the lingering melancholy she feels for her late husband. . . . Readers will hope to see a lot more of kind, empathetic Odessa.”  --Publishers Weekly

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