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Sex Money and Murder

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


This novel is based on the character named J.D or John Dough, who decides to come up with some cash by robbing a bank with his partner and lover Sunshine. Well this decision puts in play a chain of events that began to engulf love ones and friends who hed had no intention of ever having be involved. Murder and betrayal is the epoch of J.D life after that one bad decision. Hidden truths about people hed once trusted began to resurrect on his path of trying to get out of going to prison and taking his friends with him. While attempting to keep a straight head to figure out his next chess move with out being checkmated. He began to realize the love hed suppressed for Dimmie Davis who was his fianc, which he abandoned but now needed to aid him in figuring out this complex paradox hes now stuck in. His nemesis is Detective Gonzales and a slew of others he creates on his path to redemption. So I hope you enjoy this roller coaster ride of sex, money and murder with J.D and God, who is constantly revealing revelations with hindsight knowledge and prophetic wisdom on his race to survive!