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Bent Lilies

Two Sisters, Two Wishes. Who Gets Theirs Granted?

Margaret McGuigan

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In 1955, sisters Dolly and Jean are the proprietors of Star Caf on Hoddle Street, inner city Melbourne. They are petticoat crooks who run an SP book, sell sly grog to the local police, and fence jewellery all from the caf. While they agree wholeheartedly on their criminal activities they are at opposite ends in matters of the heart. Dolly is a compulsive flirt who drifts into a relationship with Carlos who also operates on the fringe of honesty. While on a holiday in 1953 Jean falls in love, but the outcome means keeping a lifelong secret. Jeans left with a deep desire for marriage and a family and is envious of Dolly. When their sister Heather visits she brings trouble and things change. The caf becomes a burden. Arson is the only answer and it means a shared secret for Dolly and Jean. They leave Melbourne and start a new life in Brisbane. Jean is plagued by both secrets. Then there is a visit from the past and a terrible accident, and thats when their working relationship starts to disintegrate. But does this mean they each finally get what theyve always wanted?