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The Beauty _N_ a Thug


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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Beauty _N_ A Thug is a fiction novel that takes place in Passion City. This novel involves two people who are similar in mind but different in ambition. Ziah is a head strong determined woman who seeks to achieve what her heart desires while staying grounded to where she comes from. Fox is the biggest drug dealer in town who runs the city with a vengeance but somehow remains kind at heart. After several years of residing in the same city fate has it so that the two encounter each other in way that neither would never forget. What started off as a friendship quickly became one of the most epic and inevitable love stories that happen to fox and Ziah. Even with all the love they hold for one another, their psychological barriers keep them from truly submitting to their feelings. This novel opens the readers eyes to something that happens in life and leaves regret amongst the ones whom experience it.