Breakthrough Community Change

A Guide to Creating Common Agendas That Change Everything

Paul Born

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Community engagement expert reveals how readers can identify their community's assets and rally people together to achieve collective impact and solve deep-rooted challenges.

Many of us are upset by issues like racism, poverty, and climate change, but it takes collective effort to get to the root of these complex problems. Whole Community Change offers a proven methodology for uniting leaders from business, human service organizations, and government to work together with people who have a lived experience of the problem.

Readers will learn how to create a community plan, measure impact, and engage everyone in the process. A comprehensive manual, the book also includes sections on topics such as raising money for big change and hosting community conversations. Author Paul Born is president of the Tamarack Institute, whose work has contributed to lower cancer rates in Maine, improved mental health for young people in Florida, and reduced poverty in Iowa and in the entire country of Canada, as described in a April 4, 2019 David Brooks column in the New York Times. This book will provide access to Born's coaching in an accessible and implementable format.

People want change, and they want to live in safe and equitable communities. This book helps make that possible.