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A Haunting Obsession

Anthony Morel

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A storybook romance. Cassandra and Tony first met at their parents’ summer retreat in Neverland. A postcard setting in a valley surrounded by majestic mountains. A town you would encounter in a dreamlike fantasy. As the summer seclusions continued, they fell in love with plans to marry. But the last summer retreat, Cassandra never arrived. Months later Tony received a letter from Cassandra. Something was wrong.Tony was hopeless; where to start the search for Cassandra. Another letter from Matt. Tony was filled with rage, insanity sending him over the edge. Amnesia.The psychiatrist doesn’t know what triggered it.Tony knew. It was the event. It changed everything. Tony cannot remember anything before the event. He knows it by name only, that exudes a haunting presence too horrific to remember. A wall of hidden memories appears in Tony’s dreams where he encounters Cassandra. Tony, paralyzed with fear and guilt. From behind the wall: pleading voices, the wailings of lost spirits, outcries of shocking disbelief. Tony’s frequent dreams transporting him to another time and place, Neverland. A place in disrepair, it’s life energy depleted by an evil presence.The dreams luring him closer to Neverland. When the wall collapses, Tony is drawn to hell’s lair; a place in Neverland where the event occurred, revealing the truth about him and Cassandra.

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Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Haunting, Soulmate, Obsession, Fantasy Dreams, Intimacy, Fate, Love, Paranormal