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Chubzy and the Magic Piper

Dr. Broomstickle

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Alexander Thomas Kindle III (better known as Chubzy) is excited to start school and make new friends. But as Chubzy meets his new fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Broomstickle, strange things start to happen. Mrs. Broomstickle gives the children their homework assignment which consists of one piece of dark chocolate and an alarm clock. At midnight, the alarm clocks ring. Half of the children follow the instructions; they eat the chocolate and go back to sleep. The other half are too sound asleep to hear the alarms going off. The chocolate transforms into evil dark creatures and slips into the mouths of the innocent children, transforming them into their worst nightmare. And someone outside the group mistakenly eats one of the tasty treats. Now the kids must work as a team and travel to the Land of No Beauty to locate the magic piper and the crystals, which are heavily guarded and hidden. Each obstacle the children encounter becomes harder and more deadly than the next. Time is running out; they need to find the Magic Piper and the six crystals to lift the curse.

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