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Which I Call Darling, Which I Call an Angel.


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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


“I loves you. You are an angel ”. Words and expressions that Dura often hears. That fact is what makes Dura so special. But love and sincere love that really does not know age. But the current of life, makes those words and expressions unstoppable even more so in storms in covid19 epidemics. Asfar became silent & dumb hiding the secret of the past turmoil. Without words or expression, Dura stepped forward in the darkness brings a sense of wounded sorrow. Dura’s absence gives awareness to Asfar who is supposed to take care of it the goodness of Dura who had made her life happy before. Feelings of loss and remorse cannot change something that is lost. Although the day turns twilight, yet the color of love never changed at dusk as time passed. Love will never grow old even if you have to grow old.

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