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The Darkest Night

Rick Reed

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


When his partner is framed for murder, an Indiana detective is drawn into Louisiana’s criminal underworld in this “authentic and scary” crime series (Nelson DeMille on The Cruelest Cut).
Jack Murphy knows a setup when he sees one. Proving it makes his day. Especially when it involves his own partner. Lured into a trap, Evansville PD Liddell “Bigfoot” Blanchard is accused of murdering a cop who was investigating a shadowy voodoo cult. Now Jack is out to dispel the deception and put the real killer behind bars.
Justice is murky enough in the swamplands of Louisiana, but when a purported descendent of Marie Leveaux menaces a murder investigation, the gumbo really hits the fan. Corruption comes with the territory. But there are darker forces at play—and only Murphy can see the light . . .

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