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Whispers in the Wind

Veronica Giolli

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A friend’s suspicious death brings a Native American investigator back home to the reservation, where she faces a puzzling mystery and family conflict. Fraud investigator Sunny Davis returns to her childhood home, an Indian reservation in Nevada, for her best friend Gina’s funeral, and she finds that nothing is what it seems. Sunny can’t believe that Gina would shoot herself in front of her young children. Gina’s family is disengaged and evasive. And when Sunny receives a psychic vision of Gina’s brutal death and senses that Gina’s spirit is contacting her, she becomes determined to find the truth. Sunny’s investigation leads her deep into a complex mystery, her tribal culture’s spiritual beliefs, and the secrets that tore apart Gina’s family and threaten her own. Whispers in the Wind introduces a new kind of detective hero in Sunny Davis, a smart and tough investigator who solves cases with equal parts deductive logic, psychic perception and spiritual intuition, in a story that portrays grief, courage, and compelling insights into Native American families.

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