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An Amish Christmas Quilt

Charlotte Hubbard, Jennifer Beckstrand, Kelly Long, et al.

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“This sweet anthology celebrates Christmas in three different Amish communities . . . The patchwork mix will keep readers toasty warm this winter.” —Publishers Weekly

With all the warmth of a cozy quilt, snuggle into Amish tales of hearts joined, friendships patched, and the bright joys of Christmas tradition . . .
“A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant”
Charlotte Hubbard
Seth Brenneman didn’t expect his holiday would include rescuing pregnant young Mary Kauffman and her two children . . . Or having unexpected feelings for the still-grieving widow. But when they must play the leads in an impromptu Nativity pageant, will their roles reveal their hearts—and work a miracle for a lifetime?
“A Christmas on Ice Mountain”
Kelly Long
Matthew Beider and Laurel Lapp’s secret wish to marry is a gift their feuding fathers definitely won’t accept. Can rediscovering the joys and friendships of Christmas past finally turn their families’ futures bright?
“A Perfect Amish Christmas”
Jennifer Beckstrand
Anna Helmuth’s grandson, Gideon, plans to spend Christmas on a beach in sunny Mexico. But Anna is quite sure he’d rather be with them, snowshoeing, ice fishing—falling in love. And she knows the perfect girl. Now it’s up to the spirit of Christmas to work its magic . . .
“Each story has its own characters, who all share the same kindness, caring and hopes. Hubbard, Long and Beckstrand bring their individual style to this anthology and create a wonderful Christmas novel.” —RT Book Reviews (starred review)
“Sweet, romantic, and heartfelt.” Library Journal

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