Principal's Guide to Afterschool Programs K-8

Extending Student Learning Opportunities

Anne Turnbaugh

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Build a strong afterschool program that increases learning while incorporating standards!Research shows that participation in structured afterschool programs holds huge benefits for childrens academic and social development. But how can school principals create programs that help maximize student proficiency? This book holds the answers.Based on an AASA/Mott Foundation study, this concise yet comprehensive guidebook offers a step-by-step process to help principals and administrators build a successful and sustainable afterschool program. The author discusses how to integrate standards and incorporate a high-level curriculum and provides profiles of programs that have improved achievement, particularly for students who are at risk. School leaders will find checklists, planning worksheets, evaluation tools, and surveys, plus guidelines for: Developing a parent and community base of support Hiring staff and obtaining volunteers Getting funding and grants Collecting and evaluating program dataThis book will help school leaders identify the most effective ways to structure afterschool programs. The author shows how to avoid common problems and demonstrates through examples that, by working closely with staff and the community, its possible to raise student proficiency levels and cultivate academic success.

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