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Lessons from the Hired Help

Satisfaction is Black and White

Howie Hayes

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Edward is a very rich man and no one questions his requests, not even his trophy wife. She's always been compliant with his demands and he can't figure out what's gotten into her recently. When he comes home late one night to find the enormous toy she's been playing with, Edward starts to have his suspicions. After another night of bad sex with her though, he's about to find out that his wife isn't going to take it lying down anymore. She's begun to take things into her own hands and she has a big surprise for Edward. A night in the cage where he'll watch the better man do things to her that Edward can only imagine. Watching his wife and her lover, Edward is jealous, and the rage he feels makes it impossible to think of anything else - or does it? As Edward finds himself bending to her will and incredibly turned on by watching her pleasure with the alpha male, will they ever be man and wife again or will Edward lose her to the tall, dark stranger who is now in their bed?

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