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Princess Patty and the Queen of the Pups

Children's Books For Early Readers

Speedy Publishing

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Princess Patty was born on a farm in a land far away from Happy Snappy Acres. She has to come to Happy Snappy Acres when she is old enough to help do a job she had been trained to perform. Princess Patty now lives on at Happy Snappy Acres with many other dogs, cats, and farm animals. She loves helping Queenie who just happens to be the oldest dog in the land. Princess Patty came from a far off land and Queenie adopted her as one of her own when she arrived at the new farm. Queenie has a lot of puppies who look to her for care. Princess Patty learns from Queenie how to help care for the younger pups, as they need to eat several times a day, and the yard needs to be cleaned. Princess Patty is different from the pups and Queenie helps to show her how to use her training to help care for the pups. Queenie teaches Princess Patty all about being a Queen of the Pups and tells her when she grows up she will become a Queen as well.

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