The Apostle Paul: His Story; Book I of a Trilogy

A Change of Heart

Bev McKnight Cooper

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


“Saul awoke in an unfamiliar country. He could not see. For three days he was in total darkness, anguishing over what happened. His thoughts turned to all the people he had beaten and thrown into prison. He was trying to destroy their church, and it was the church of God. How could he have made such a terrible mistake?”

The Apostle Paul: His Story describes how this man had a change of heart and became the Savior’s greatest missionary.

Paul was thrilled to learn that the promised Messiah, had really come to earth. He was anxious to teach others the wonderful story of Jesus. “Except—now some were determined to kill him.”

We need genuine heroes. This is the Paul we should all know.

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