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The Knowing

Valerie Lane

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


"We all want our stories to be heard, but it's tough to say them out loud, especially for the first time."

The Knowing is a compelling novel about debunking stigmas surrounding mental health, LGBTQ+ themes, and survivorship. This book directly speaks to those struggling with mental health issues as well as family members of people going through trauma who want to grapple with what they can do to help and understand mental health in a new way.

From the outside looking in, Harper's life is perfect. She has the dream job, the Pinterest apartment, and is engaged to the love of her life. But when she decides to leave her fiancé for seemingly no reason, Harper must come to terms with the reality she's hiding from everyone, including herself.  

After being diagnosed with PTSD, Harper embarks on her own personal journey by starting group therapy to help put the pieces back together. She soon learns that healing is easier said than done.

Will Harper succumb to the rough waters of mental illness? Or can Harper rise above and write her own story?



Trauma, Women's Fiction, Mental Health, Survivor, Healing Journey, PTSD, Women's Literature