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The Guardian of the Mystical Rosary

Adesoji Aderemi

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


This book tries subtly to drop a hint in the mind of its readers that, despite  'free will', the gods might still be at play in the affairs of humans, using 

their characters to influence them in this world of duality where opposing  poleheads persistently struggle to dominate the environment. While some 

cooperate wittingly to varying degrees, somehow godlike, some remain  for the most part of it unwitting, thus puppets whose passions are the 

control strings in the hands of the gods and the godlike.

Should one dare, in philosophical imagination, to think God gave birth  to twins, then this is replayed in Orisha, who made the mystical Rosary 

for his twins, Orishagbemi and Orishadami, to solve humanity problems,  but who later fought after his transition, like darkness and brightness; a 

fight that caused the loss of the Rosary in the valley of crocodiles. The  fate of humanity will depend on which side repossesses this Rosary. 

The descendants of these twins found expressions in two respective  organizations. At the apex of one is Bwallangwu, immortal entity and the 

personal representative of Lucifer on earth. The opposing side, some  members of an ancient religion, for certain reasons is hiding and could 

hardly get organized into a credible force. They engaged the service of  a certain person in mask. One finds reoccurring in the book this duality  phenomenon like mystical allegories and proverbs.

Eventually, Orisha that started it would end it in favour of the better side,  to be decided by humanity themselves, for themselves.

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Free Will, Guardian, God, Rosary, Mystical, Fate, Humans, Problems