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Jack's Beanstalk

Honey Cummings

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


What could possibly happen when Jack reveals his beanstalk… Kendall met Jack at a local party, and much to her surprise, they had a little fun together, one of those one night stands that you can think about when you are alone at night but they didn’t even exchange numbers. Of course the last thing on her mind was that he would show up as the new farmhand at her Dad's greenhouse business a couple of months later! Who knew that growing exotic bromeliads would get a lot more interesting. Kendall realizes things in her office are going to heat up and it's not because the air conditioner took a dump since the last time Jack saw her was when he had her bent over Gaston's Mercedes! Can Kendall keep the heat between them searing without burning down her father’s prized vegetation? The Urban Legend Fairytale Erotica Collection is a fun modern day erotic retelling of these classic fairytales with a twist.



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