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Death and the Crone

A Lucky Devil Romance

Megan Mackie

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Why should the sexy immortal guy always fall for the swooning teenage girl?
In this reverse Beauty and the Beast retelling, Margaret has given up on life. In her late sixties, unlikeable, homeless, and unwanted, she has nothing left to lose when a mysterious, handsome young man offers to take her to his luxury apartment. Deciding it doesn’t matter if the encounter might end in her death, she takes the chance, knowing she has nothing else to live for.
Why would this gorgeous stranger be interested in her?
And when will his innocent facade drop to reveal the beast beneath the beauty?
But instead of dying, Margaret finds a magical savior--and nothing in this new world he’s brought her into is what it seems ... including herself. As questions unfold, she will surely find the answers for what she seeks as well as her own soon enough. And most of all, is it really possible for Margaret to get a second chance at life ... or love?
From the world of the Lucky Devil Series, join in this stand-alone about a second chance at love!

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