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Corrie's Timeless Travels and Travails

Iain Morrison

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Corrie and the Time Arch

Corrie has been enjoying a normal Saturday, playing football and taking the dog out. Then time actually seems to stand still, and this creates all sorts of problems. She encounters some interesting and dangerous people, time, and space. Corrie's own native wit helps set her and her new friends free from a potentially earth-shattering threat.

Corrie and the Chaunt of Time 

Once again, Corrie is plunged into an adventure that is fraught with danger and menace. This time, however, her friends and close relatives are endangered.

Christmas should be a magical time of celebration and family, but when even Santa Claus becomes a threat and pantomime figures present bewildering and hazardous perils, Corrie's life becomes burdened and deeply troubled.

All this acute anxiety is further complicated by a young teenaged girl's normal angst concerning growing up, boys, fashion, sisters, parents, and the rest.

Setting out to solve a problem at school, things get a lot worse. She is catapulted into a world that is unbelievably convoluted and much more dangerous. Corrie's involvement with an extremely strange, if even more strangely familiar Time Lord, along with a welcome and much missed other Time Traveler pitches her at an accelerating rapidity, further into an intricate and terrifying situation.

In this nightmare land of dreams, enchanted forests, wizards, fairies, magicians, cities occupied by a ruthless desperate army all mixed with an old friend, a beloved Grandpa, it takes all of Corrie's native wit, luck, and perseverance to win out.

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