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“Belinda by Day”

An Erotic Journey

Lawrence Wayne

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Belinda By Day follows Belinda Simmons in her quest to embrace life and not let it pass her by. Belinda is turning 50 and lives in Savannah, Georgia. She feels like her life and her marriage have become stale. She embarks on a journey that involves the darker side of sex with a very rich Madam in Savannah that caters to high end business men and international clients. It is an expose’ on the “call girl” business. Belinda soon learns that she has gotten more than she bargained for and gets involved with a rich Middle Eastern sheik that is an international terrorist. The book is very sexual and involves both female /female sex encounters as well as “menaga a trois” with clients and people working for the Madam. The ending is positive and Belinda even quotes Shakespeare “All’s well that ends well”. It’s a journey of discovery as well as a sexual revelation to a woman that has been protected for most of her life.

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Belinda By Day, Lawrence Wayne, Adventure, An Erotic Journey, Action, Erotica, Fiction