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A God's Game

Tiebreaker Part 1

Andrew Whyte

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


THE LIFE OR DEATH GAME CONTINUES. Warterria is still in full effect. Many have passed away and new faces have taken center stage. But the suffering and struggles within the game has remained the same. However, the humans aren’t out of the fight yet. With a new fiery passion to avenge those that have been lost to Warterria so far, Rift tries to use the clues left behind by the fallen to find a way for the remaining players to survive. However, with the gods’ immense power looming over and the chances of death at an all-time high, humans uniting is proving to be more than difficult. Can the humans rally together to find a nearly impossible alternative way to survive or will Warterria continue to be played exactly how the gods designed?

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suspense, supernatural, thriller, fiction