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The Cull of the Badgers

L J Hargreaves

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A government policy. Men seeking power and recognition. The plight of an iconic, beloved woodland animal Defra, under misguided information have commenced the cruel killing of badgers to eliminate bovine Tuberculosis which they mistakenly believe is transmitted by the badgers. New, recruits Sarah, Shams and Geoffrey working for Defra have met and formed an alliance with the badger’s leader of the colony; the honourable High Lord Luminous Snowspirit to help protect them from the cruel slaughter. All the forest animals including the Hedgehogs, the historical nemesis of the badgers have made a treaty to help defend them, but is this enough? Sacrifices are made, loved ones lost, but do the badgers survive?



Friendship, Fantasy, Leadership