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S.S. Simpson

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


In Camouflage, one journeys with CJ, a wealthy suburbanite who only knew easy. CJ’s first love of baseball grounded him. When struck in the head with a loose pitch, everything changed. A brutal accident removed his beloved father far from his side. Bankruptcy wrapped around his distant mother; CJ found himself homeless, school less, and rejected. Everything he took for granted was taken away from him. He now was the one others pitied and scoffed. His one treasure his violin was spared. His inner music rescued his outer misery. The streets tried their best to spit him out but he and his mother trudged on. Other cultures embraced them. A Rabbi opened CJ’s heart to hope through the Lord’s word and praise. Kindness reached out to them in the most unexpected places. CJ learned to give. His inexperienced heart cried out to others. The cold almost triumphed but street tunnels gave them a dwelling place. Warmth wasn’t freed even under the streets. Drugs alcohol and pride did its best to persuade CJ but he chose life and all its complexity. An unexpected audition wanted CJ to portray himself. Would he answer that still quiet voice? Would CJ have the courage to open up his eyes?

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S.S. Simpson



Inspirational, Religion, Looking within for God, Are we camouflaged?, Fiction