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The Greatest Treasure Ever

E. M. Johnson

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


Your child will adore this rhyming Show and Tell story that reveals the greatest treasure ever through the divine nativity story.  Stunning masterpiece paintings are the backdrop for sing song lyrics which will have your child reading along in their mind every time.  As a bonus, travel enthusiasts will enjoy seeing famous tourist sites from San Antonio, Texas such as The Alamo, the Little Church at La Villita, the Arneson River Theatre, Historic Market Square, the Riverwalk (Paseo del Rio), and Sunken Gardens in Brackenridge Park.  Young and old alike will enjoy the dreamlike artwork and the enchanting story of Jesus' birth and beyond.  Set a new family tradition by cuddling and reading out loud to children from 0-8 years old.   Or enjoy listening as your 7-11 child reads this Happy Birthday Jesus book for family gatherings at Christmas, Easter, and other special events.  Perfect for Christmas time gift giving, important birthdays, and feel-good reading all year long.  This charming story melts hearts and will be a favorite and cherished bed-time book for little ones.     Play Along Activity:  Try to find the peaceful dove hidden on the pages.



mystical mysterious supernatural creative theme, inspirational salvation prayer, bed-time epic tale, angels and angelic visitations, ask Jesus into your heart, heart-warming rhyming tale of God's love and goodness, Texas tourist sites