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Broken Match

Renee Aronis

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The continuing story of Erin March and David Elliott.

Erin's journey home doesn't go as planned, with jet lag and Todd making unwanted advances, though the divorce papers do get signed. She rushes back to David, realizing that their ties are too strong to break over a few words spoken in anger.

During a week at his London home, Erin discovers a truly evil trap set for David by Susannah before her death. They learn that she was more vindictive and hateful than either of them could've imagined. Fears arise that have David worried about his health and eventually his sanity.

Erin and David return to Scotland to pick up the children as they begin their summer holiday. While the family is bonding, Roger meets someone who needs his help and who may steal his heart. David holds things together, but his fear and anxiety won't be put down until Erin's nightmare turns out to save the day.

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Fertillis, London, Fertilis, Immersive, Scottland, Sex treatments, Easy to read, Love story, Scottish Actor, England