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Craig Temple

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Kind Edward Moranvale needed away to gain more power in the land of Pixima. He turned to the royal Oracle which lead to the Demon Wars. Tobias Threshold, the last of the lion race, watched his family murdered in front of him.

At the celebration after the war was over, Threshold confronts Moranvale and is arrested by Salles and Badgon and thrown in the dungeon. After Bandgon helps Threshold, his body is taken over by the demon Alastor. Fleeing through the Jungles of Pixima, Threshold comes across a flying machine he has never seen before. After Lilith, Alastor's female companion, caught up with him, Threshold falls into a dimensional rift. He landed in Washington D.C. Lilith tells Alastor and they investigate his disappearance and discover the new world. Alastor plans on using Moranvale to take over both Pixima and America, but Threshold gains allies and plan on stopping them. They travel from D.C. to Bohemian Grove to stop the cleansing on Halloween. Battling chon chons and the great Indombe along the way.

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