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The Social Lives of Animals

How Co-operation Conquered the Natural World

Ashley Ward

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Naturwissenschaften allgemein


'Any writer who can evoke the existential sadness of a lonely cockroach, or make krill thrilling, or describe a snorkelling colleague being engulfed in a "gargantuan cetacean bum detonation" is a real gift to science communication ... thought-provoking' Guardian

Everything you ever wanted to know about how animals live together, and what that means for us

Some animal societies hold a mirror up to the human world: elephants hold funerals for departed family members. Pinyon jays run collective creches. Rats will go out of their way to help a cold, wet stranger. Other lifestyles can seem intensely alien. Take locusts, surging over the land in their millions, unable to slow down for a moment because the hungry ranks behind will literally bite their legs off if they don't stay one step ahead (actually, you might know a few people like that).

But no matter how offputting an animal might be, behavioural scientist Ashley Ward can usually find something worth celebrating. Travelling the world from the Serengeti to the frozen Antarctic ocean, with stops in the muddy fields and streams of his native northern Yorkshire, he brings his curious eye and infectious humour right down to their level. The result is a world-expanding, myth-busting tour of some of nature's greatest marvels, in delightfully broad-minded company.


A thoughtful exploration of the complex minds that share the planet with us. Ashley Ward will give you a new appreciation for the bonds, emotions, and connections that we thought set us apart, but in reality, just bring us closer to the animal world

Very striking ... Ward has a good eye for details ... he writes vividly
s stories compel us to see social animals, not just as marvels, but as kindred spirits. He wants us to empathize with them as fellow navigators of the unpredictable landscape of relationships. And, with a light hand, he succeeds
A big part of the book's appeal is just the strangeness and sophistication of this world of animal interactions, a nexus of cooperation and conflict that is all around us and yet mostly remains hidden from our view. Ward'

<p>A great antidote to the dog-eat-dog view of nature that we grew up with. Ashley Ward takes the reader on a personal journey of discovery to make clear that animals often depend on cooperation for survival</p>
is a real gift to science communication ... thought-provoking
Extraordinary stories in this fascinating book ... any writer who can evoke the existential sadness of a lonely cockroach, or make krill thrilling, or describe a snorkelling colleague being engulfed in a "gargantuan cetacean bum detonation"
s book shatters the old stereotype. This is not nature red in tooth and claw, but nature awash in cooperation and collaboration</p>
<p>From swarming krill and flocking birds to cattle herds and tribal chimpanzees, Ashley Ward reveals animals to be much more social than often thought. Part deep dive into the latest science and part personal storytelling, Ward'

Brilliant ... echoes Monty Python in asking - apart from intelligence, language, longevity, consciousness, reasoning, social learning and culture - what sociality has ever done for us.
s natural gift for storytelling and penchant for punchy, provocative one-liners
Reading [ <i>The Social Lives of Animals</i>] is like entering a maze ... with surprises awaiting the reader at every turn. What holds it all together is the author'
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