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Sociology in Times of Glocalization

Christian Karner

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Seminal sociological work has described the world today as a ‘local-global nexus’ that is defined by localized, often conflictual responses to a series of ‘global flows’. Building on this, this book traces the workings and dynamics of today’s globalization, and of the different reactions it spurs, across a range of social domains: that is, in localities affected by rapid infrastructural change; in the economic realm and through consumerism; in experiences of migration; in urban settings; in cultural practices such as street art that negotiate both global and local events and phenomena; and in digital technology. Crucially, the book formulates and critically explores the methodological challenges created by such social and political developments. Rather than treating the fundamental question as to how and why sociologists can claim to know more about the social world than the people ‘living it’ as an abstract issue, this book tackles this through a careful engagement with existing research on globalization, glocalization and neo-nationalism. The result is two-fold: first, the book demonstrates that sociology confronts some profound challenges today; second, the author argues that an increasingly inter-disciplinary sociology is already making vital contributions to our understanding of – and responses to – today’s multiple crises. 

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