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The Lost Ten

The exhilarating Roman historical thriller

Harry Sidebottom

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A ragtag group of elite Roman soldiers are sent on a suicide mission in this epic historical thriller from Sunday Times bestseller and leading Ancient Rome expert, Harry Sidebottom.

No man who enters the Castle of Silence ever walks out alive. A remote fortress prison set high in the mountains, escape is impossible - and to break someone out, unthinkable.

But this is exactly what Roman officer Marcus Aelius Valens must do.

Tasked with rescuing the young Prince Sasan, Valens leads a small, elite squad of soldiers across Mesopotamia and into the mountains south of the Caspian Sea.

As they journey deeper into enemy territory, the ten begin to die or disappear, one by one. And with the rescue fast becoming a suicide mission, Valens must marshal this disparate group of men - or suffer the same fate as all those who have made the journey before him...

From the bestselling author of The Last Hour, The Lost Ten is a breathless historical thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat - for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Ben Kane, Simon Scarrow and Conn Iggulden.

Praise for Harry Sidebottom

'Relentless, brutal, brilliant, this is Jack Reacher in ancient Rome' - Ben Kane

'A cracking tale. More twists and turns than the Tiber itself' - Rory Clements

'Absorbing, rich in detail and brilliant' - THE TIMES

'Grabbed me from the start. I loved it' - Donna Leon



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