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The Titanic Sisters

A sweeping and heartfelt novel of the Titanic, and its impact on one family in Ireland and America

Patricia Falvey

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


One journey will change their lives forever

To follow her dreams, she must sacrifice everything...

Sisters Nora and Delia have been given the chance of a lifetime - to escape their poor Irish farm and travel on the Titanic to a new life in America. Nora is to become a treasured governess for a rich family, while Delia has only a lowly maid's position.

But when disaster strikes, and Nora dies, a small misunderstanding leads to Delia taking Nora's place as governess. As Delia grows closer to her charge, and the girl's father, will she be able to reveal the truth to find a chance at happiness? And what will happen when she finds out that Nora is actually alive, and coming to take what is rightfully hers...?

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