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The Oath

An atmospheric and chilling crime thriller

Klaus-Peter Wolf

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


An atmospheric and chilling crime thriller from an internationally bestselling author, perfect for readers of Ann Cleeves and Peter James.

If the system can't make them pay, then he will . . .

Former chief of police, Ubbo Heide, is enjoying a peaceful seaside retirement - until a gruesome package containing a severed head turns up on his doorstep and catapults him back into a world he left behind.

When a torso is found on the local beach, it's assumed it's from the same victim. That is until a second head turns up. As the investigation reaches fever pitch, Chief Inspector Ann Kathrin Klaasen, now assigned to the case, realises that the two victims are connected. Soon it's clear that this quiet coastal community is facing a brutal serial killer. One who is taking justice into his own hands . . .



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