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Expression in Contested Public Spaces

Free Speech and Civic Engagement

Spoma Jovanovic (Hrsg.)

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Expression in Contested Public Spaces: Free Speech and Civic Engagement addresses how people express themselves and their differences, in ways that amplify the many voices central to the mission of democracy. This book investigates in what ways and in what discursive forms people interrupt the status quo or unjust practices to advance positive social change. The chapters feature research activity, engaged scholarship, and creative expression to boldly frame the issues of free speech—amid attempts to chill and silence expressions of dissent—in order to demonstrate how community organizers, activists, and scholars use their voices to advance peace and justice befitting the human condition. Scholars and students of communication and the social sciences will find this book particularly interesting.

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community organizing, First Amendment, voices of activism, Democratic engagement, social justice, Social Movements, Free Speech, Civics, discourses of dissent, dialogue