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Friends Until the End

Emily Del Rosario

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Three childhood friends make a pact: in ten years, they will travel to an exotic foreign land.

Ten years later, Paloma, Cookie, and Sage reunite in Rio. They spend two wonderful weeks there. Then they board a plane headed back home, to the US. Not long after they board, the plane hits a storm front and goes down; it crashes into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fighting to keep from drowning, two of the women watch as the plane slowly sinks into the ocean. They somehow make it to shore, where they encounter nonstop rain. Their only thoughts are of their friend. Did she survive, or did she die along with all the other passengers? Scared to death, they soon find out that they are in an uninhabited jungle shore. They seem to be the sole survivors.

How will these two women survive? Will they find their friend? Will they be rescued?

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relationships, love, self love adventure, friendship