Captain Marvel: Shadow Code

Gilly Segal

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Marvel’s most powerful Super Hero, Captain Marvel, must battle an old enemy in this brand-new original novel

Earth’s mightiest hero Captain Marvel, A.K.A Carol Danvers, is asked for a simple favour by Tony Stark: to keep an eye on brilliant computer science grad student Mara Melamed, who is struggling to find her feet at Empire State University.

Although reluctant at first, Carol meets Mara and is impressed by the young woman. But trouble soon finds Captain Marvel in the form of a controversial operating system now on every electrical device in the world, a ruined family legacy and one of Carol’s own friends framed for murder. And Mara Melamed happens to be tangled at the centre of it all.

The Super Villain behind the plot will drive Carol to her darkest edge as she questions her identity and sense of belonging in the world. With her allies at her side, Carol must boldly find her place and prevent impending doom at the hands of an old enemy.

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