Jess Dobkin’s Wetrospective

Constellating performance archives

Laura Levin

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Ratgeber / Sammeln, Sammlerkataloge


Taking as its starting point the first-ever retrospective exhibition (2021) of Canadian performance artist Jess Dobkin, the book reflects on the internationally acclaimed artist’s playful and provocative practice as performer, activist, curator, and community leader. At the same time, it grapples with a question that is vital for art and performance studies: How do archives perform?

More than a discrete showing of a single artist’s work, the exhibition, including its new staging in book form, is a large-scale research experiment in performance curation, investigating what it might mean for art institutions to take seriously the embodied and communal nature of performance art in their practices of archiving and museological display.

In Jess Dobkin’s Wetrospective, a cast of renowned international performance theorists and artists dive into this exploration alongside Dobkin, curator Emelie Chhangur, and performance theorist and dramaturg Laura Levin. These contributions appear alongside a riot of full colour photographs, providing access to Dobkin’s celebrated artistic productions from the last 25 years.



augmented reality, photography, Performance art, museology, art history, queer studies, queer theory, lesbian, theatre, installation art, live art, performance studies, gay