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The Lady and the Lollards

Ray Filby

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The story is set in the troubled reign of Henry VI at the  end of the Hundred Years' War and the main part of the War of the Roses.

King Henry was a saintly king whose reign was  marred by bellicose, ambitious rivals. In spite of serious setbacks and challenges to their rule,

King Henry and Queen Margaret leave lasting legacies to the nation which are still part of our national life and institutions in this present age.

Lady Constance and two Lollards, Matthew and Michael, work as agents of peace in a war-torn country, bringing  succour to the victims of this war.

They find that they are able to perform an amazing act of service to help King Henry and Queen Margaret when their fortunes are at their lowest ebb.

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Baron, Queen, Duke, Lollards, Roses, King, Battle, War, Lady