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Current and Emerging Techniques

Yuqin Wang (Hrsg.), William Griffiths (Hrsg.)

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Lipidomics is one of the emerging ‘omics’ techniques with growing importance in bioscience. Discussing interesting standard and non-standard techniques relevant to the measurement and analysis of lipids by mass spectrometry, this book will provide a guide to the possibilities of the techniques. It will introduce the reader to exciting new methods that allow isomer differentiation, improve sensitivity, allow spatial location and go beyond annotation of simply matching a mass to a database entry.

The book is written and edited by the some of the world leaders in the field of lipid mass spectrometry and will have international appeal in industry and academia for analytical chemists, biochemists and biotechnologists. Furthermore, it will provide a useful resource for anyone interested in lipid structure characterization particularly for graduates and postgraduates who require a starting point for their projects.

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Huiyong, Lipidomics, Wilson, Wang, Murphy, Griffiths, Yu, Griffin, Xia, Yin, Techniques, Jonas, Emerging, Stephen, Jonathan, Robert, Abdel, J, Simon, Andrew, Astarita, M, C, Steven, Gaskell, Yuqin, Current, Khalik, Giuseppe, Blanksby, Curtis, Ruth, William