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A Matter for the Jury

A dramatic capital murder trial

Peter Murphy

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The second Ben Schroeder legal thriller

1964 brings fresh challenges to Ben Schroeder, now a member of chambers headed by Bernard Wesley QC.

A courting couple have been attacked on the banks of the River Ouse near Ely. The news of beating, rape and murder soon become January’s sensational headlines.

Schroeder is called to assist the defence but lead QC, Martin Hardcastle, has a reputation that goes before him. As the pressure mounts, talk of alcoholism fills the courtroom with Hardcastle’s repeated absences and seemingly reckless actions risking the support of his team. And when a shock decision is made, it is left to Ben and his colleague, Jess, to deal with the consequences.

With the case drawing mass media attention and public opinion turning against capital punishment, Schroeder must once again face the prejudice, scandal and corruption of the brutal courtroom reality and its verdict on the fate of a man’s life.

'A gripping courtroom drama' - ICLR

'One of the subplots ... delivers a huge and unexpected twist towards the end of the novel, for which I was totally unprepared' - Fiction Is Stranger Than Fact

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