How to Get a Second Life

Build a Successful Business and Social Network Inworld

Maddyyy Schnook, Andrew Sullivan

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Informatik, EDV


Created by Linden Lab, Second Life is an online metaverse that has taken the world by storm. Individuals and companies are entering this 3D virtual world in their millions and many predict that Second Life is the future of the web and online shopping. However, some fledgling members or newbies find this digital landscape daunting and give up before they have really started. But before you throw in your virtual towel, help is at hand. Seasoned expert madddyyy Schnook gave up his job to work full-time in Second Life, creating virtual guidebooks to teach people how to master various aspects of the metaverse, and has not looked back since.In "e;How to Get a Second Life"e; he will teach you all the facets of this virtual world. Learn how to: take your first steps in Second Life; socialise, network and make friends; navigate the grid to find the best places and events; make REAL money; create a successful Second Life business; and Second Life to promote your real life business; build, script and create textures. It is filled with tips and exercises, this easy-to-use guidebook is the perfect companion for your virtual adventures.

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