The Pocket Universal Principles of UX

100 Timeless Strategies to Create Positive Interactions between People and Technology

Irene Pereyra

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Pocket Universal Principles of UX features the concepts and guidelines included in the original version in an accessible condensed format.

Richly illustrated and easy to navigate,  Universal Principles of UX pairs clear explanations of each concept with visual examples of the ideas applied in practice. The book is organized into six broad categories:

  • Consider
  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Research
  • Design
  • Validate

And features principles as diverse as:
  • Design is not neutral
  • Make the choice easy
  • Some complexity cannot be reduced
  • Map the ecosystem
  • So you think you can scroll
  • Don’t grade your own homework

User Experience is a field notable for its expansiveness, complexity, and persistent evolution. This book is not a chronological retelling of the history of user experience design. It is also not a technical how-to book that will show you how to become a perfect user experience designer one step at a time. It’s a philosophical anthology of case studies, situations, problems, and contradictions encountered across more than fifteen years of working on real-world client projects that will teach you how to think, rather than tell you what to do.

Each principle is presented in a two-page format. The first page contains a succinct definition, a full description of the principle, examples of its use, and guidelines for use. Sidenotes provide elaborations and references. The second page contains visual examples and related graphics to support a deeper understanding of the principle.

This landmark reference is the standard for designers, engineers, managers, and students who seek to broaden and improve their user experience design expertise.

The titles in the Rockport Universal series offer comprehensive and authoritative information and edifying and inspiring visual examples on multidisciplinary subjects for designers, architects, engineers, students, and anyone who is interested in expanding and enriching their design knowledge.

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