Mastering AI

A Survival Guide to our Superpowered Future

Jeremy Kahn

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Informatik, EDV


An urgent book on generative artificial intelligence exploring the risk and benefits looming in this seminal moment 'Easily the best exploration to date on the perils and promise of AI." —ASHLEE VANCE author of When the Heavens Went on Sale 'Mastering AI is a must-read. It's hard to put down'. —BETHANY McLEAN, coauthor of The Smartest Guys in the Room and The Big Fail 'A timely and urgent exploration of AI's dizzying acceleration' —BRAD STONE, author of The Everything Store The debut of ChatGPT on November 30th was a watershed moment in the history of technology. We stand on the threshold of a new age — one where content of all kinds, even software itself, will be conjured, seemingly from thin air, with simple conversation. In a culture fraught with misinformation, Mastering AI pierces through the thicket of exaggerated claims, explaining how we arrived at this moment and mapping the likely long-term impacts on business, economics, culture and society this potent technology will have. This book will serve as a guide to those dangers — as well as highlighting the technology's transformative potential — and will pinpoint concrete steps that should be taken to regulate generative AI.



natural language processing, sam altman, chat gpt, artificial intelligence, generative ai, openai, tech