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The Settlement

Ruth Kirby-Smith

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Olivia returns home for her grandmother Sarah's funeral in 1984. Sarah was a loving matriarch in the village of Lindara. So why would someone spit at her coffin?

In 1910 Sarah marries Theo, a widower deeply involved in the anti-home rule movement. She promises to keep her personal views private.

One night in 1914 Sarah and her stepson Samuel are unintentionally drawn into gunrunning. which compromises her principles.

Theo slides into dementia but pesters Sarah constantly about something called the settlement. She is mystified until one morning in 1919, when she opens a letter and gets the biggest shock of her life.

As the truth unfolds events occur to change her life forever, and she is torn between protecting Samuel and her unborn child. After the funeral Olivia finds a red leather notebook to discover that Sarah has taken the secret of that fateful night in 1919 to her grave.

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Secret affair, Gun running, Family Secrets, Fraud, lrish home rule, Murder, Political intrigue