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Every Thug Needs A Lady

(Thugs and the Women Who Love Them) Book 2

Wahida Clark (Hrsg.)

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Every Thug Needs a Lady is the spellbinding sequel to Wahida Clark's Thugs and the Women Who Love Them. After taking us through the rugged, thug-filled lives of Jaz, Kyra, and Angel, Wahida now takes us into the drama filled life of their best friend Roz aka Tasha. She is sexy, beautiful, and torn between her desires to distance herself from the streets and the magnetic attraction to the irresistible and thuggish Trae Macklin who acknowledges that mature women are a turn on. However, women come and go for a thug who is more about his business over everything else, yet Trae surprisingly falls head over heels for his business partner's woman, Tasha. Since the streets must come first, Trae decides to patiently wait for his partner's relationship with Tasha to come to nothing. Will Tasha and Trae's love ever get off the ground?



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